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Producing the FIBER DAY FASHION SHOW OF WEARABLE ART was my volunteer gig to give to my organization, the Southern Highland Craft Guild. 2018 was my last year to produce the event. It has been passed on to a next generation of fiber artists and will be even more wonderful!

I learned a lot along the way and developed many long lasting ties to the fiber arts community. I began each year by sending out a letter in late winter, to all of the Fiber Members, asking them to participate by making a special piece, or arranging for them to have a good selection of work in the Guild Shop located in the Folk Art Center. Four days before the show, I moved a couple of garment racks, and extra hangers, and lots of pins and cards and markers, over to the Folk Art Center and I cataloged the pieces sent in early. The next two days, I spent taking in, selecting, and putting together outfits. Anne Marie (head model wrangler) came over to help do the final organization, and assign outfits to the models. Then, I wrote the events many hours of commentary. Neal Howard (Liz life saver) came over on the day of the show to help make up outfits, and model, or help backstage, or whatever needed doing. The show would then begin!

This art-to-wear fashion show features the handmade creations of over 40 weavers, silk dyers, quilters, leather workers and jewelers. Each one-of-a-kind piece is wearable art at its best. Join SHCG fiber artists for the 2019 FIBER DAY FASHION SHOW OF WEARABLE ART in May at The Folk Art Center in Asheville, NC - CLICK HERE for more information.

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