LIZ SPEAR HANDWOVEN features nine styles of art-to-wear garments. This includes vests, shirts and lined jackets, and the exhibition-oriented Celebration Coat. All are handwoven, cut and sewn by me. This means that there are only a hundred or so garments made in a year. Each garment is a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.


The best place to see, and try on,  my garments is at one of the six or so CRAFT FAIRS & EXHIBITIONS in which I and my booth partner, Neal Howard, participate in annually. I aim to fill our double booth with 65 - 75 garments per fair, with as wide a range of fabrics, sizes and colors as I can manage.The second best place to try on my garments is at the FOLK ART CENTER in Asheville, NC, or THE FIBER COMPANY in Winston-Salem, NC. Both of these fine craft stores carry a number of my pieces.

Handwoven Slow Fashion by Liz Spear-012.JPG

I firmly believe that just seeing a picture isn't sufficient for buying one of my garments: you need to feel the fabrics, mostly handwoven of cotton and rayon yarns, and try them on. I make a range of five sizes, with my medium roughly correlating to a size 12. However, each size has a fair amount of ease built in, to fit a range of different bodies, and there's a bit of overlap between the sizes. When we meet at shows, I encourage all to try the garments on, because your idea of the perfect garment is likely to depend on how you like to wear clothes. Simple alterations are possible, but I don't do major overhauls.

CLICK HERE for information on the PURCHASING & CARE of my handwoven garments.

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Should you be interested in seeing my work, come to an EXHIBITION or SHOW, or one of the SHOPS that carries my garments. If you've already seen the work, and wish to entertain placing an order, CONTACT ME for a copy of my line drawing sheets, and appropriate fabric samples.

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A number of my garments feature nuno felting. My large sheets of nuno felting are made using commercially and artist dyed merino wool and various thin, commercially woven silk fabrics that have been dyed or printed by artist friends. CLICK HERE for more information on NUNO FELTING.

I have a special line of garments that incorporate the work of fellow artists. CLICK HERE to learn about LIZ SPEAR & FRIENDS.